Professional Wildlife Removal Services

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Attic Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Having unwanted animals in your home or commercial building can be not only a source of frustration, but also a health hazard and a real drain on your wallet. But if you live in Southeast Michigan, we can help save you frustration, time, and money.

In addition to comprehensive attic restoration and insulation services, we also provide bat removal and mice control services. 

We’re fully licensed in the industry and travel to our neighbors located within an hour of Ortonville for all types of animal removal and prevention services. We also venture outside of the greater Ortonville area and serve those throughout the state of Michigan when they need attic restorations or bat removal services.

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Not only do we provide humane, poison- and chemical-free removal services, but we also:

  • offer home inspections to pinpoint access points.
  • seal up holes and animal entry areas.
  • remove waste and decontaminate spaces where animals have been.
  • restore attics and damaged spaces.

We’re fully licensed builders, so when we’re working to seal up or restore your attic, you can count on effective results that don’t compromise the structure in any way.