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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do attics matter for energy efficiency?

When people think of energy-efficient homes, the attic isn’t one of the first spaces they consider. After all, attics aren’t commonly used, so why would they play an important role in all-home energy efficiency?

In reality, air is always looking for ways to escape and enter your home and attics often cause problems for homeowners who don’t take a proactive approach in this easily forgotten area of their home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that a whopping 15% can be saved on heating and cooling expenses when homeowners properly seal sensitive areas of their homes including basements, crawlspaces, floors, and attics.

How much energy is lost through the attic?

Estimates suggest that around 40% of a home’s overall heat actually escapes through the attic.

That’s an alarming number for your home’s comfort and energy bills. However, an energy inefficient attic isn’t just a problem during the colder seasons. When you’re trying to cool your home, the attic is where a lot of warmer air from outside is able to creep in and wreak havoc too.

The key to maintaining low utility costs and an energy-efficient attic is proper insulation throughout the attic. This envelope will prevent air from escaping or entering, making it easier for your HVAC system to maintain temperature control.

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