Professional Attic Energy Efficiency Solutions

My Attic Guy offers comprehensive attic energy efficiency solutions to help homeowners reduce energy expenses and optimize their heating and cooling systems. 

Attic Energy Efficient Solutions

We offer a wide range of services aimed at helping homeowners optimize the energy efficiency of their attics through the implementation of premium sealing and insulation. All our services are catered to meet the specific needs of your home’s attic for maximal results. Here are the solutions we offer:

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attic air sealing

Air Sealing

It’s not uncommon for attics to fall victim to air leaks that lead to heat loss and drafts, making your home more uncomfortable and driving up energy costs.

Through our air sealing services, we pinpoint these problem areas and seal them up to prevent future air leakage. Using caulk, weather-stripping, and other sealant materials, we’re able to drastically reduce or completely eliminate the amount of air coming into or escaping from your attic.

Recess Light Sealing

Recessed lights are a common light fixture in attics because they don’t take up much space and offer ideal lighting capacity. However, the recessed design of these lights makes attics more susceptible to air leakage. It’s not practical to put insulation around these light fixtures, so you’ll need to invest in specialized sealant. That’s precisely what we offer through our recessed light sealant solutions.

Whether you’re about to install recessed lights or they’ve been installed for a while, we’ll make sure they don’t become a spot where air can get through.

electrical box sealing

Electrical Sealing

As with recessed lights, electrical boxes can make your attic more susceptible to air leakage. Air can escape or enter through the tiniest of cracks, making it essential to follow up an electrical box installation with some sealant.

At My Attic Guy, we offer comprehensive electrical sealant services designed to trap indoor air in your home and keep the outdoor air outside. The process is quick, simple, and highly effective!

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