Professional Fiberglass Insulation Installation

My Attic Guy offers professional fiberglass insulation installation services in attics to help homeowners reduce energy expenses and optimize their heating and cooling systems. 

Premium Fiberglass Insulation Solutions

My Attic Guy is a leading provider of fiberglass attic insulation services in Oxford, Michigan. Our team has been installing top-tier fiberglass insulation in homes for years to help homeowners achieve great energy efficiency, improved comfort, and better air quality.

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Is fiberglass good for insulation?

Fiberglass is a fantastic material for insulation which is why it’s become one of the go-to choices for homeowners and homebuilders. It’s highly effective at creating an envelope within a home by trapping air. It’s exceptional at trapping air, preventing airflow, and maintaining temperatures.

It’s comprised of special plastic that’s supplemented by small glass fibers and sand. The material looks similar to wool and shares some similar air-trapping qualities. The effectiveness of fiberglass insulation increases as the thickness increases. Working with an experienced fiberglass insulation installer ensures your attic receives the proper thickness based on its needs. This yields greater energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. In fact, some estimates suggest that fiberglass insulation can cut energy expenses by up to 40%!

Even with all these advantages, fiberglass insulation enjoys a lower price tag than many other insulation types.

Can you install fiberglass insulation by yourself?

Many people assume that since fiberglass insulation is relatively easy to install that it makes sense to do it by themselves. In reality, it’s always advisable to have a specialist install your fiberglass insulation instead of attempting a DIY project. First and foremost, fiberglass exposure can cause eye and skin irritation and can even aggravate asthma. Furthermore, ineffectively installed fiberglass insulation can lead to air leakage which would drive up energy costs.

You’re better off financially to hire an expert to ensure your fiberglass insulation is installed securely, successfully, and smoothly. If you give it a shot yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll just end up calling an expert anyway when you come across a problem. You’ll thank yourself down the road if you take the path of least resistance by using a professional like My Attic Guys.

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Our Process

1. Inspection & Preparation

We’ll kickstart the process with a quick inspection and walkthrough where we determine the nature of the job including what type of insulation best suits your needs, the R-value you need, and other relevant factors. Our team will also lay down protection on floors and other areas throughout the home.

2. Insulation

Once all the prep work is done, our team will get to work actually installing the insulation. The type of insulation you have will determine the strategies and tools we use. Generally speaking, the insulation process shouldn’t take more than a few hours, although larger attics can extend that timeline.

3. Cleaning

The job isn’t done when all the insulation is installed. It’s nearly impossible to keep debris from gathering in the attic, so our team will conduct a comprehensive cleaning afterward to ensure everything looks cleaner than we found it. Don’t worry! This part won’t add much time at all to the overall process.

4. Walkthrough

Before calling it a day, we’ll perform a final examination to make sure everything is in order. If we notice any issues, we’ll address those immediately. Yes, that’s all there is to it! The process is really a cinch when working with a professional like My Attic Guy.

Why Choose My Attic Guy?

Not to brag, but we’re really good at what we do! We’ve been providing blown-in cellulose insulation installation services for satisfied homeowners for years. We have a team of committed experts, proven strategies, and specialized equipment to ensure the job is done quickly, efficiently, and successfully.