Professional Batted Insulation Installation

My Attic Guy offers comprehensive batted insulation in attics to help homeowners reduce energy expenses and optimize their heating and cooling systems. Whatever your insulation needs, we’ll help you meet them.

What is batt insulation?

Batt insulation, more commonly referred to as blanket insulation, is a popular form of attic insulation that comes in flat sections. These pieces get placed down like a blanket around sensitive areas that require insulation; hence, the name. The most common materials for batt insulation are fiberglass and merino wool. The insulation comes in pre-sectioned pieces, making it easy to transport and install. Batt insulation has remained one of the most popular forms of attic insulation due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation.

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How long does batt insulation last?

Batt insulation tends to last around 15 to 20 years. However, it’s wise to have insulation inspected and replaced before it’s completely necessary. This will save you from dealing with insufficient insulation and higher energy costs.

Batt insulation is long-lasting, but the precise extent of your attic’s insulation will depend on a wide range of factors including the age of your home, the quality of installation, the quality of the insulation, the size of the attic, and so much more. Working with a reputable and experienced insulation specialist can extend the life of your batt insulation, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment.

How long does it take to install batt insulation?

In general, it takes just a few hours to install batt insulation in an attic. Of course, the precise installation time varies between each project. Generally speaking, larger attics take longer to complete. However, it’s rare that attic batt insulation takes more than a single day even if you require the removal of old insulation.

Since batt insulation comes precut, all the installers have to do is lay it down in the right areas and ensure there aren’t any gaps. The installation process is fairly straightforward overall which means you can drastically improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home in just a few hours!

Can you install batt insulation by yourself?

Although installing batt insulation is technically less demanding than other forms of insulation, it’s still advisable to avoid doing it alone. There are specific techniques and dedicated tools required to install batt insulation to a high level. You might be able to save in the short term by attempting to install it on your own, but you’ll lose more money in the long run if the insulation is installed incorrectly.

Higher energy costs will most likely overshadow any savings from DIY installation. That’s why it’s highly recommended to work with an experienced professional that can ensure your batt attic insulation is installed correctly for your space and maximum cost savings.

Our Process

1. Inspection & Preparation

We’ll kickstart the process with a quick inspection and walkthrough where we determine the nature of the job including what type of insulation best suits your needs, the R-value you need, and other relevant factors. Our team will also lay down protection on floors and other areas throughout the home.

2. Insulation

Once all the prep work is done, our team will get to work actually installing the insulation. The type of insulation you have will determine the strategies and tools we use. Generally speaking, the insulation process shouldn’t take more than a few hours, although larger attics can extend that timeline.

3. Cleaning

The job isn’t done when all the insulation is installed. It’s nearly impossible to keep debris from gathering in the attic, so our team will conduct a comprehensive cleaning afterward to ensure everything looks cleaner than we found it. Don’t worry! This part won’t add much time at all to the overall process.

4. Walkthrough

Before calling it a day, we’ll perform a final examination to make sure everything is in order. If we notice any issues, we’ll address those immediately. Yes, that’s all there is to it! The process is really a cinch when working with a professional like My Attic Guy.

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